MARVEL Future Fight Hack & Cheat Download


Download Link htttp://
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Superstar Life Hack

This hack is not for Jailbroken device only!
Its means for all device!! CONGRATS. :)

To copy and paste your file to your iphone, you can use iTools or iFunBox.

Ifunbox download:

Download :

Colllectibles.plist :
wheel.plist :

Extract both files into superstar life folder.

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BEWARE for leecher and other fake file. They might be spreading a virus. — Watch live at


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12 comments on “MARVEL Future Fight Hack & Cheat Download
  1. 2fabforyou u.u says:

    enter my code please NMSPYLSS I'll enter urs 2 

  2. Ashley Stevenson says:

    Even if its different on other computers, can you just say where you found it?

  3. Ashley Stevenson says:

    Your not using iFunbox in this video tho? Are we supposed to use something else to find the file

  4. RanDomMoments says:

    How do u pull that up? Do you need to plug your iPhone in the computer???

  5. Tammia Richardson says:

    when i did download ifunbox it showed me all of the apps i clicked on superstar and it said it had to be jail broken ios 8.3 am i doing somthing wrong because i cant find the appication superstar file at all. pleassse heeeellppp thank you.

  6. Naura Putry says:

    it's "error copying" for me

  7. Random Directioners says:

    I been waiting for this.. Thank you so much. I'll try this.

  8. Aashna Belur says:

    How can I come to know where the file of superstar life will be? +IOSAppBugHunter

  9. Aashna Belur says:

    Can you give me an idea in which folder it might be. I cannot find it …


  10. Aashna Belur says:

    Pls tell the location of the superstar life file.


  11. Chelsea beauty123 says:

    Thanks but so hard

  12. JavaFootball says:

    thanks bro, its worked

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