Pixel Gun 3D Coins And Gems Hack 2015 [APK]



Before *any* bullshit THIS IS NOT FAKE! I bought something to prove it.

Hello welcome to a new Android Video! Pixel Gun 3D Coins and Gems hack! Please keep in mind that I never “hacked” this.(That would be illegal) this is just developer mode which you can edit your Coins, Gems, Level and a few extra things. I mentioned the word “Hack” because that way this will get a bit more traffic and maybe Pixel Gun will patch this. It’s a bit stupid I know, but they shouldn’t of made the developer mode in the first place, they obviously knew people would access it.
Download: http://androidrepublic.org/forum/threads/pixel-gun-3d-pro-pocket-edition-v9-3-2-unlimited-money.2515/
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8 comments on “Pixel Gun 3D Coins And Gems Hack 2015 [APK]
  1. Gina Genevieve Warr says:

    I don't have that thing that says D by SHOP

  2. Gina Genevieve Warr says:

    What's APK

  3. Jadyn Yanus says:

    What's app called

  4. Akos miszori says:

    I can't play  because it wants to upgrade i turn off the wifi but it doesnt works. What do I need to do?

  5. Mirac Karadag says:

    Trotz dem wlan of geht es nicht bitte beantworten! ?

  6. Grotog says:

    Kann man sich nicht einfach 100000000000coins erhacken und dann die neue Version downloaden dann hat man trotzdem die coins aber der hack funktioniert nicht mehr geht das ?
    Bitte geb mir ne schnelle Antwort 

  7. Montaser Bafadel says:

    Does it really work? Or no , please answer. 

  8. Qu Bird says:

    Kleine Frage: Also kann man mit diesem "Hack" nicht online spielen, heißt an Tournaments teilnehmen und so?

    Trotzdem danke für einen Hack, der auch mal zu funktionieren scheint.

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